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Live Your Life Intentionally

In September 2017, Sonya Etchemendy was close to death. Extremely close. She was rushed to the emergency room and in less than 24 hours, Sonya was in a coma. The doctors gave her husband little to no hope. Sonya's organs were shutting down. For 8 days, she was on life support then suddenly started breathing on her own. It was an answer to many prayers. As Sonya started to transition back, she had a decision to make. She could have easily given in to her exhausted body. At 66 years old, that would have been an easy choice. But, Sonya decided to live intentionally. Not just say it, but do it! Sonya is healthier and happier today than she's been in a long time. It's an intentional journey. A journey that has led Sonya and her husband Dennis to be intentional about their business. Helping others.

Life can be full of setbacks and negative distractions. It may be difficult to overcome obstacles and to maintain hope. At Etch Your Life LLC, we are equipped to help you break down obstacles, maintain a positive attitude, find your purpose, set goals, and know your value. We offer our services to business professionals, organizations, individuals, families, or anyone wanting to pursue personal growth and gain control to achieve goals.

Our Humble Beginnings

Sonya Etchemendy is the founder of Etch Your Life. In 2012, Sonya realized the impact of negativity in her life, as well as the lives of her Friends and Family. She had a desire to create a process to help people focus on daily “good things.” Sonya decided to test it out with her husband, Dennis.

No matter how bad their days were, Sonya and Dennis HAD to find something positive about it…one “good thing” a day. They agreed to write “good things” daily on pieces of paper and place them in an old tin can they kept on a table. Neither of them would share what they had written until the end of the year.

On New Year’s Eve of the first year, Sonya and Dennis opened the tin can. They randomly pulled out pieces of paper and read their notes. Remembering all the blessings they had received throughout the year made them laugh, cry, and give thanks. They experienced so many trials but had managed to concentrate on all the “good things” instead.

The Beginning of a Tradition

Sonya and Dennis continue their tradition to this day. At the end of each year, they gather the notes read, place them in zip locked bags and label each bag with the label from the tin, “Do not open until December 31st 20__.” As they grow old together, they plan to revisit the labeled bags from years past, just to remember the “good things.” Through this practice, Sonya and Dennis have learned an important lesson: One can look back on trying times and always find at least one “good thing” each day to be thankful for. Sometimes it's not easy but if you want to change your mindset to a positive, it's worth the journey to get there. This tradition has now become a book, "Living a Life of Tin Can Moments". Go to to order your copy today.

What a great way to maintain a positive mindset! Sonya and Dennis are able to share their story through Etch Your Life and apply the outcome to help other people add value to their own lives.

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