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Christmas Can Orders

Christmas Can Orders

Annual Christmas Can - Limited Edition


Each can has a special number assigned. Inside the can you will find a process that can change your attitude toward everyday issues. In the book ?Living a Life of Tin Can Moments?, you will read about the stained-glass window design of the can and how it played a key role in changing the life of a 10-year-old little girl. It represents her first tin can moment. Today, you can purchase this can for your friends, family, couples, any organization who wants to focus on one good thing everyday to develop a habit of thinking positive and letting go of the negative. Included in the can is a simple to follow instruction guide, a pen printed with our logo, and a memory bag. Buy your can now and place it under your Christmas tree. The process should start on January 1st and end the following year on December 31st. Yes, the process will take a year to complete but you only have to do one small thing each day with the can. It has been proven that when the can is opened on New Year?s Eve next year, you will laugh. You will cry, happy tears. You will find out things you were not aware of; good, positive things! You, your family, or any group will develop a habit of focusing on the good things and leaving the negative behind as you go through the year capturing your tin can moments. Don?t hesitate. Order today.

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